Late birthday post! 

Hello guys,

I really appreciate your interest and I am always open to new ideas and suggestions from your end. I hope you like what I try to convey.

This is a very late post! I was actually thinking to post it since a long time now, but always kept forgetting. So, last night I was going through my old photographs to find a good display picture for my whatsapp and I found a bunch of pictures from my birthday.

The birthday picture were quite a push to my current mood and got me thinking to a series of thoughts from the time and all the conversations started coming up to my mind.

Birthdays are always special and exciting l, so was mine. I was very excited about my birthday dress, my lunch date with girlfriends and gifts and other things.

I was searching for my birthday lunch dress from quite a while by then. I was visiting malls and showrooms to find a perfect birthday dress. But couldn’t find it!

It was for lunch so I wanted something casual, cute and something that clicks to me at the first look ( coz clothes which clicks at ones are the ones you wear the most ). Even after browsing a lot of places, I couldn’t find the one dress that would fit my requirements.

So, tired and frustrated I was browsing online sites Jabong , myntra and StalkBuyLove in search for my perfect birthday dress.

After all the searching I found two perfect birthday dresses one for lunch and the other for the dinner date, both online. The lunch date birthday dress was from Jabong and the night date dress was from StalkBuyLove.

I was more than happy and excited for my birthday after that. All the things I ordered came before time and that made me a lot excited.

The birthday dress was from Miaminx , Jabong, it is a really cute, cold shoulder dress perfect for the birthday lunch. I wanted to wear a cute tiara with it, I got the tiara long before my birthday ( I was too excited for it) I wore my Zara sneakers with it and my goggles from missa_ more_ clothing , Instagram. 

It was a cold shoulder dress, so I wanted to tie my hair, so that the cold shoulder is visible properly. I braided my front hair from both sides and tied it back into a ponytail after which I wore my tiara.

I did minimal makeup a small wing on the side and not a full wing , just to make it look minimal and cute and a little lipstick shade orange from colourbar. The bag I carried is from flipkart, BH wholesale market.

The dress was surely what I wanted for my lunch date, it was something casual and something for dates like this. The overall look was something I planned for. It was perfect for my birthday. I got so many compliments on my dress and my look which made my day.

Thank god Jabong was there to save me for the day an StalkBuyLove for the night. Loved both my dresses and extremely loved my goggles that I got from missa more clothing.

Thank you my saviours.
Thank you


Photo credits Pooja Pegada


Oversized thoughts 

Hello guys, 

I hope you like what I try to create. I would always appreciate your interest and suggestions. Thank you for your support. 

Fashion from the other end.

Summers? College? It’s all about lazy hot days. Dressing up is a task during summers. College on a day to day basis, people like me usually don’t like dressing up for it. I specially see for the coolest, comfiest clothes to wear. 

The loose shirts are my all time favourite clothing item and something I always end up buying. The loose shirts during this time of the year are blissful. 

I always like wearing long oversized light shirts during summers. They are saviour for me. 

College, anyways make me feel lazy, So I try to wear something as lazy. The shirt I am wearing is from Sarojini,delhi ( sarojini is my all time favourite shopping spot) and again I am wearing my black Zara legging with it and my westside footwear, which is also the most comfiest footwear for summers. The bag I am carrying is from Zara. 

The casual lazy day look was complete. The most casual and comfortable look that I completely love. On any casual day like this, I like wearing my oversized shirt with one of my legging from Zara and a footwear like this. 

The day was obviously a no makeup day, where I ended up applying a little lipstick for the pictures. A complete lazy day for me. 

The casualty is not how you carry it but what you prefer to wear rather 

Thank you 


Photo credits chetalini Sarang 

Cool in the colour BLUE

Hey guys,

I am grateful for your supports, I hope you like what I try to create. The fashion I follow, and feel comfortable in. As fashion is only about being in the clothes you are comfortable in.

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions from your end. It’s always good to hear from you. I hope to convey my thoughts towards you as much as possible.

It’s time for another day out post. Obviously it’s hot and we don’t feel like dressing up at all, all we want is to be in our pajamas all day and enjoy every bit of it.

That day was actually a fun day , I was invited to a friend’s birthday party. After struggling to find a perfect top for the day and loosing all patience to see for more options. I found this top, light in both the colour and the material.

Summers are really hard to sustain in , and now when even Bangalore is becoming hotter day by day. It was a lunch date, with a bunch of girlfriends. A casual day out party with them. And I found this perfect top for the perfect occasion. This light blue top is from W and the deep blue leggings are from Zara( a long day and leggings are my perfect match all the time , they are the most comfortable thing ever).

The top is a cold shoulder top with lace on the upper sleeves. It is comfortable, easy for a casual date like this. Zara leggings have come as a blessing for me, they are super duper comfortable and they can always be paired with anything.

I have taken a multicolour sling bag , which is from kins delhi. This sling bag goes with maximum number of outfits. The perks of buying something which is multicolour actually. The sling bag is a pop of colour for any look you carry.

The shoes that I wore was not at all my first option, just because it’s hot and I don’t like covered feet at all. But when I couldn’t find any footwear which would look good with my outfit and I was ignoring to wear my white sneakers, I found this shoes. It is also white in colour but it has flowers on it. It looked good with what I wore actually. I got this shoes from the Tibetan market at my hometown.

The look was complete mix and match of colours and styles. The earring I wore is from a street shop at Sarojini, delhi.

The makeup again was just eye liner and the lipstick. The lip shade is lady danger from 7 heavens.

There was something about the cold shoulder top that o completely loved. It covered all the flaws of my look( if it had any) . The cool colour blue , changed the mood aswell.


Thank you



photo credits chetalini sanghathem

Cool colours are something summers need


Comfy outing stories 

Hello guys, 

I hope you like what I try to create. I would love and appreciate your suggestions. Always welcoming your ideas and suggestions. It would be a pleasure to be connected to you with my style. 
The concepts I post are mostly casual and perfect for daily lives. They don’t define any kind of of fashion , they only define comfortable lifestyle and statement I believe in. 

The looks I post are a large part of me; how I like to dress, how I like to pair things , which is not tough to match and something very easy and comfortable for all times. 

The post today is of the day, which was of a sudden plan made. We planned to go to Brigade Road and Garuda mall after that. For a go to look , I thought about what would look good at both the places , as we always dress according to the place we are going to. So I decided to go for this green shirt and black leggings. 

The green shirt , I am wearing is from a random street shop at Commercial Street Bangalore and my basic leggings which is from Zara, they are damn comfortable and my first preference always. When I know I have to walk a lot , I prefer wearing these leggings. It always makes me feel comfy and best. 

I wore my nude footwear from westside, it is casual , goes with anything I wear and they are elegant and pleasant always. Specially in this hot days, when you ignore wearing closed shoes. It is open , relaxing and free. 

The sling bag I carried are from forever21 , my favourite black sling bag of all time. The scarf tied on it , is from Sarojini that I carry everywhere when I am traveling just to hide myself from the direct dust and heat. 

The makeup is very minimal again, just eyeliner and nude lipstick, which is my favourite again. It is desert rose shade from chambor. It makes the look subtle and simple. Specially during summers , when you like all the nude colours and nude makeup everyday and everywhere. 

Basic be the best 


Thank you 


Photo credits pooja pegada 

Champagne with the blush!

Hello guys, 

Weekends should not always be sober. A bold look for the weekend. Something easy to create and something easy to carry. 

This time it is a long weekend , which means a lot more outings and a lot more fun. So, I decided to wear this last night. The top is from Raindrops , which I got from Jabong , the leggings from Zara , footwear from klove and watch from Aldo. 

As the night was too long, I decided to wear some makeup . So that it lasts almost all night. The best part about the whole look and the makeup was the lipstick which is from Nykaa , the shade name is Mischievous plum 10m .

The look was created by just using two colours from the Naked 3 , urban decay palette . Buzz on the eye lids and darkness on the outer corners. The blush that I used is from maybelline color show in the shade fresh coral. The kajal pencil is from plum , as I’ve already fallen for it by now. 

The Nykaa lipstick was able to steal the show last night. It made the whole look better and changed the complete look altogether. 

I hope you like what I’ve tried to create. 

Thank you 


Picture credits @poojapegada 

Under the colour black 

Hello guys, 

All my new posts are influenced by the theme week going on at my college . The theme for the day was black.

Black is not just a colour or a word , it’s an emotion and various feelings are attached to it. For this theme , I thought I’ll go for the boho top I am wearing , which is from Sarojini and the faded black jeans which I got from Myntra of the brand roadster, under which I am wearing my white Zara sneakers. 

(Sorry for the blur picture, but I liked the picture ) 

I am not much of a jewellery person , so I mostly don’t prefer to wear jewellery with western, and then I decided not to go for any jewellery with my look of the day. I am just carrying my bag from mango. And with this my look was complete and on the go. 

I hope you like what I’ve tried to create. 

Black days , black nights . Black all the while. 

Thank you 


Picture credits 


Diffusing into colours 

The theme of this week is influenced by the theme week going on at my college. The theme at my college was black and white. 

So,  the clothes I decided to wear was a white kurti with black leggings. When I wore my white chikan embroidered kurti with the black Zara leggings, the look was complete yet incomplete so, I decided to wear my multicolour bandhej dupatta. With the dupatta, the black and white turned into something more pleasant to the eyes and it looked good as a pair. 
I wore my Aldo watch ,jumki from cp, delhi , shades from an e-store on Instagram and my handbag from Zara.
And of course bindi, a small black bindi which I think can change the whole look into something more gorgeous. 
I hope you like what I tried to create , a piece of me in you. 

Colouring every bit of your soul 

Thank you 

Picture credits 


@ chetalinichensarang

Torn jeans days 

Hello everyone,

The looks I’ll be sharing now are regular and subtle looks. It is carried in day to day lives by many college and school goings as well as working women.
Hope you like what I’ve tried to recreate. I will be happy to receive any suggestions and I appreciate your interest.

At first I am starting with the most casual look. I am wearing a basic white top from sarojini with the torn jeans from Tokyo talkies from Myntra with my Zara loafers. This is a very regular look and can be carried by all.
In the second look I am wearing the torn jeans with a top from tom tailor from Jabong that I have tucked and worn with the jeans , to complete the look I have worn a scarf and heels that I am wearing are from stilettos , delhi.
In the third and the last look I am wearing a polka dot shirt from Zara with the same heels from stilettos , delhi. This look is appropriate for any office , meetings or some casual parties.

I hope you like what I’ve tried to recreate for you guys. I would love to receive suggestions.

Thank you

Photo credits Pooja pegada

Torn jeans can never go wrong

The shoe stories 

Hey guys, 

Hope you like what I tried to recreate. I would love your interest and suggestions.

As you know , this is my second post, so I wanted to recreate something which is fresh and is being carried by a lot of people now. 

You guessed it right, it’s the white sneakers! The craze for white sneakers are over the top now. It’s accepted and experimented with a lot of cloth style today. 

You don’t need a ‘ six inch high heels’ to compliment  your clothes. Western, ethnic, fusion ; white sneakers goes with everything. 

White sneakers with anything is a great match! Just like I have worn the white sneakers from @zara with a long red dress , which is from @westside. They go together very well. The red dress has a little ethnic touch to it , the white sneakers looks best with it aswell

‘ A perfect match to an imperfect combination’. White sneakers , oh yes .
Hope to see you soon! 

Picture credits @ pooja pegada 

Cape wanderers 

A new day with a new theme, it’s cape day today. I hope you like what I have created. I would appreciate your interest and suggestions. 

I have created 3 different looks. The base of all the 3 looks are same. The leggings is from Zara and the spaghetti top is from marks and Spencer. 

So, in the first look I am wearing a shirt style cape from Levi’s , and the loafers are from klove, delhi. 

In the second look, I am wearing a cape from people , which I have styled with a raw jewellery piece from a street shop at sarojini. 

And in the last look , I am wearing a long cape from the brand raindrops, which I bought from Jabong , which again I have styled with a neckpiece from an Instagram page. 

I hope you like what you’ve seen so far. Thank you 
Photography credits to pooja pegada 

A casual wear for a casual self.