Oversized thoughts 

Hello guys, 

I hope you like what I try to create. I would always appreciate your interest and suggestions. Thank you for your support. 

Fashion from the other end.

Summers? College? It’s all about lazy hot days. Dressing up is a task during summers. College on a day to day basis, people like me usually don’t like dressing up for it. I specially see for the coolest, comfiest clothes to wear. 

The loose shirts are my all time favourite clothing item and something I always end up buying. The loose shirts during this time of the year are blissful. 

I always like wearing long oversized light shirts during summers. They are saviour for me. 

College, anyways make me feel lazy, So I try to wear something as lazy. The shirt I am wearing is from Sarojini,delhi ( sarojini is my all time favourite shopping spot) and again I am wearing my black Zara legging with it and my westside footwear, which is also the most comfiest footwear for summers. The bag I am carrying is from Zara. 

The casual lazy day look was complete. The most casual and comfortable look that I completely love. On any casual day like this, I like wearing my oversized shirt with one of my legging from Zara and a footwear like this. 

The day was obviously a no makeup day, where I ended up applying a little lipstick for the pictures. A complete lazy day for me. 

The casualty is not how you carry it but what you prefer to wear rather 

Thank you 


Photo credits chetalini Sarang 


Comfy outing stories 

Hello guys, 

I hope you like what I try to create. I would love and appreciate your suggestions. Always welcoming your ideas and suggestions. It would be a pleasure to be connected to you with my style. 
The concepts I post are mostly casual and perfect for daily lives. They don’t define any kind of of fashion , they only define comfortable lifestyle and statement I believe in. 

The looks I post are a large part of me; how I like to dress, how I like to pair things , which is not tough to match and something very easy and comfortable for all times. 

The post today is of the day, which was of a sudden plan made. We planned to go to Brigade Road and Garuda mall after that. For a go to look , I thought about what would look good at both the places , as we always dress according to the place we are going to. So I decided to go for this green shirt and black leggings. 

The green shirt , I am wearing is from a random street shop at Commercial Street Bangalore and my basic leggings which is from Zara, they are damn comfortable and my first preference always. When I know I have to walk a lot , I prefer wearing these leggings. It always makes me feel comfy and best. 

I wore my nude footwear from westside, it is casual , goes with anything I wear and they are elegant and pleasant always. Specially in this hot days, when you ignore wearing closed shoes. It is open , relaxing and free. 

The sling bag I carried are from forever21 , my favourite black sling bag of all time. The scarf tied on it , is from Sarojini that I carry everywhere when I am traveling just to hide myself from the direct dust and heat. 

The makeup is very minimal again, just eyeliner and nude lipstick, which is my favourite again. It is desert rose shade from chambor. It makes the look subtle and simple. Specially during summers , when you like all the nude colours and nude makeup everyday and everywhere. 

Basic be the best 


Thank you 


Photo credits pooja pegada 

Casual carrys 

Casual college days can’t get more decked up than this. A casual everyday kind of look. 

Hey guys,

I hope you like what I am trying to create. I would love and appreciate your interest and suggestions. 

The colour black which can deal with any occasion or any casual day and can also help to create a much enhanced glam look with the basic clothes. It made this look unique aswell. 

I am wearing a black kurti from utsa, westside. The footwear is from a street shop at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi and my earrings are from Sarojini. 

The plain black kurti with tassels on the front gave a different look altogether but pairing it with the gold footwear and gold earrings, changed the whole look into a much glam look. 

It looked simple yet classy. For a change , a look much different to any casual day. 

Gold is beautiful 

 I hope you like what I’ve tried to create. 

Thank you 


Pictures by 

Pooja pegada 

Bohemian match 

Hello guys, 

I hope you all are doing great. And I would love and appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thanks for your interest. 

So, I was going through my moms wardrobe and found this jacket, which was a gift to her by my father , he got this from Arunachal. 

I thought I could use it for a look. And after digging on my cupboard I found a kurti which I could pair it up with it. 

The kurti and leggings are from westside. The footwear also from westside. The earring from cp, New Delhi. The printed white kurta went well with my bottle green bohemian jacket. 

The jacket is a traditional dolman style jacket, sleeves loose and bell shaped. These jackets are usually loose with broader shoulders. The jacket has little thread work detailing in the front and back of the jacket. 

This jacket gives a little fresh touch to the old boring kurti. 

I hope you like what I’ve tried to create. A sense of fashion from my end. A touch of me to you. 

Thank you 


Pictures by Pooja pegada 

The shoe stories 

Hey guys, 

Hope you like what I tried to recreate. I would love your interest and suggestions.

As you know , this is my second post, so I wanted to recreate something which is fresh and is being carried by a lot of people now. 

You guessed it right, it’s the white sneakers! The craze for white sneakers are over the top now. It’s accepted and experimented with a lot of cloth style today. 

You don’t need a ‘ six inch high heels’ to compliment  your clothes. Western, ethnic, fusion ; white sneakers goes with everything. 

White sneakers with anything is a great match! Just like I have worn the white sneakers from @zara with a long red dress , which is from @westside. They go together very well. The red dress has a little ethnic touch to it , the white sneakers looks best with it aswell

‘ A perfect match to an imperfect combination’. White sneakers , oh yes .
Hope to see you soon! 

Picture credits @ pooja pegada