Late birthday post! 

Hello guys,

I really appreciate your interest and I am always open to new ideas and suggestions from your end. I hope you like what I try to convey.

This is a very late post! I was actually thinking to post it since a long time now, but always kept forgetting. So, last night I was going through my old photographs to find a good display picture for my whatsapp and I found a bunch of pictures from my birthday.

The birthday picture were quite a push to my current mood and got me thinking to a series of thoughts from the time and all the conversations started coming up to my mind.

Birthdays are always special and exciting l, so was mine. I was very excited about my birthday dress, my lunch date with girlfriends and gifts and other things.

I was searching for my birthday lunch dress from quite a while by then. I was visiting malls and showrooms to find a perfect birthday dress. But couldn’t find it!

It was for lunch so I wanted something casual, cute and something that clicks to me at the first look ( coz clothes which clicks at ones are the ones you wear the most ). Even after browsing a lot of places, I couldn’t find the one dress that would fit my requirements.

So, tired and frustrated I was browsing online sites Jabong , myntra and StalkBuyLove in search for my perfect birthday dress.

After all the searching I found two perfect birthday dresses one for lunch and the other for the dinner date, both online. The lunch date birthday dress was from Jabong and the night date dress was from StalkBuyLove.

I was more than happy and excited for my birthday after that. All the things I ordered came before time and that made me a lot excited.

The birthday dress was from Miaminx , Jabong, it is a really cute, cold shoulder dress perfect for the birthday lunch. I wanted to wear a cute tiara with it, I got the tiara long before my birthday ( I was too excited for it) I wore my Zara sneakers with it and my goggles from missa_ more_ clothing , Instagram. 

It was a cold shoulder dress, so I wanted to tie my hair, so that the cold shoulder is visible properly. I braided my front hair from both sides and tied it back into a ponytail after which I wore my tiara.

I did minimal makeup a small wing on the side and not a full wing , just to make it look minimal and cute and a little lipstick shade orange from colourbar. The bag I carried is from flipkart, BH wholesale market.

The dress was surely what I wanted for my lunch date, it was something casual and something for dates like this. The overall look was something I planned for. It was perfect for my birthday. I got so many compliments on my dress and my look which made my day.

Thank god Jabong was there to save me for the day an StalkBuyLove for the night. Loved both my dresses and extremely loved my goggles that I got from missa more clothing.

Thank you my saviours.
Thank you


Photo credits Pooja Pegada