Cool in the colour BLUE

Hey guys,

I am grateful for your supports, I hope you like what I try to create. The fashion I follow, and feel comfortable in. As fashion is only about being in the clothes you are comfortable in.

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions from your end. It’s always good to hear from you. I hope to convey my thoughts towards you as much as possible.

It’s time for another day out post. Obviously it’s hot and we don’t feel like dressing up at all, all we want is to be in our pajamas all day and enjoy every bit of it.

That day was actually a fun day , I was invited to a friend’s birthday party. After struggling to find a perfect top for the day and loosing all patience to see for more options. I found this top, light in both the colour and the material.

Summers are really hard to sustain in , and now when even Bangalore is becoming hotter day by day. It was a lunch date, with a bunch of girlfriends. A casual day out party with them. And I found this perfect top for the perfect occasion. This light blue top is from W and the deep blue leggings are from Zara( a long day and leggings are my perfect match all the time , they are the most comfortable thing ever).

The top is a cold shoulder top with lace on the upper sleeves. It is comfortable, easy for a casual date like this. Zara leggings have come as a blessing for me, they are super duper comfortable and they can always be paired with anything.

I have taken a multicolour sling bag , which is from kins delhi. This sling bag goes with maximum number of outfits. The perks of buying something which is multicolour actually. The sling bag is a pop of colour for any look you carry.

The shoes that I wore was not at all my first option, just because it’s hot and I don’t like covered feet at all. But when I couldn’t find any footwear which would look good with my outfit and I was ignoring to wear my white sneakers, I found this shoes. It is also white in colour but it has flowers on it. It looked good with what I wore actually. I got this shoes from the Tibetan market at my hometown.

The look was complete mix and match of colours and styles. The earring I wore is from a street shop at Sarojini, delhi.

The makeup again was just eye liner and the lipstick. The lip shade is lady danger from 7 heavens.

There was something about the cold shoulder top that o completely loved. It covered all the flaws of my look( if it had any) . The cool colour blue , changed the mood aswell.


Thank you



photo credits chetalini sanghathem

Cool colours are something summers need