Late Sunday date!

Hello guys,

Sorry as I couldn’t upload any blog in the past few weeks. I would really appreciate your interest and suggestions always. I hope I reach you through my words and my ideas. Thanks for always supporting and engaging yourself through it. 

This blog is about my sunday date and the look that I created for the night. On a Sunday, me and my girlfriends suddenly decided to go out on a dinner date. It was already 7:30pm by the time we decided to go. So all of us were on our toes, running and preparing our clothes and everything to just jump and to start getting ready for an already late date plan. 

I decided to wear my forever 21 dress, it is a knee length dress which had repeated prints all over. The dress had brown and maroon in it , so I thought to go for a brown and gold eye makeup for the quick look. 

I didn’t wanted to go over the top with my casual body fit forever 21 dress. I wanted to keep it low and simple.

I went ahead with applying burntout from the urban decay naked 3 palette on the eye lids. After being satisfied with the depth and quantity of the colour , I applied trick on the inner corners and blended it till both the colours were well combined. Then I applied mugshot on the outer corners and blended everything till I got something like this in the end. 

I made a small winged eye at last, applied a sober amount of mascara and blush from maybelline fit me shade medium coral (202)  and at last I applied a deep red lipstick from Lakmé enrich collection to go with the makeup and the outfit. 

It took me less than 10 mins to create the whole look. It is really easy and a very quick get away look in just 10 mins. 

I am very new with makeup but the outcome really impressed me. And now I know I can work with colours on my eyes better. 

I would really appreciate your feedback. 

( I regret for the bad pictures) 

Photo credits Kavana Gowda 


Comfy outing stories 

Hello guys, 

I hope you like what I try to create. I would love and appreciate your suggestions. Always welcoming your ideas and suggestions. It would be a pleasure to be connected to you with my style. 
The concepts I post are mostly casual and perfect for daily lives. They don’t define any kind of of fashion , they only define comfortable lifestyle and statement I believe in. 

The looks I post are a large part of me; how I like to dress, how I like to pair things , which is not tough to match and something very easy and comfortable for all times. 

The post today is of the day, which was of a sudden plan made. We planned to go to Brigade Road and Garuda mall after that. For a go to look , I thought about what would look good at both the places , as we always dress according to the place we are going to. So I decided to go for this green shirt and black leggings. 

The green shirt , I am wearing is from a random street shop at Commercial Street Bangalore and my basic leggings which is from Zara, they are damn comfortable and my first preference always. When I know I have to walk a lot , I prefer wearing these leggings. It always makes me feel comfy and best. 

I wore my nude footwear from westside, it is casual , goes with anything I wear and they are elegant and pleasant always. Specially in this hot days, when you ignore wearing closed shoes. It is open , relaxing and free. 

The sling bag I carried are from forever21 , my favourite black sling bag of all time. The scarf tied on it , is from Sarojini that I carry everywhere when I am traveling just to hide myself from the direct dust and heat. 

The makeup is very minimal again, just eyeliner and nude lipstick, which is my favourite again. It is desert rose shade from chambor. It makes the look subtle and simple. Specially during summers , when you like all the nude colours and nude makeup everyday and everywhere. 

Basic be the best 


Thank you 


Photo credits pooja pegada