Summer pampers 

The heat outside of the doors of your house is effecting your skin inside the doors as well. Summers are more harsh on your skin than any other weather. 

Today, I am going to share a DIY face pack and scrub with you to pamper yourself from this harsh heat. 

Summers! Really! Why?? All these words surround our thoughts throughout the lazy months of summers. Our skin is a lot dirtier, sticky, sweaty and what not? 

Pimples, black and white heads, greasiness, spots and the list is never ending. All of this is due to the extreme heat and dust outside our doors. 

I usually don’t like to do anything! But then after encounter with such weather, we come home with visible dirt and a muggy face, we feel like taking an extra step. 

I thought of doing something for it, which I couldn’t figure out for a while ( I was too lazy). Then one day I thought of having mangoes and while slicing it down, I thought of applying it on my face. 

Applying mango alone is not a bad idea too. Mangoes are very good for your skin. But as I am taking extra efforts to apply it to my face , I like adding few more things to it. The same day I made almond milk  and I had crushed almonds left with me after that, which I was thinking to do something with. I thought of mixing mango and almond together. 

The quantity was a spoon of mango pulp and a spoon of broken left over almonds and I mixed both of them and applied it on my face.

After keeping it for 25-30 mins, I slowing started scrubbing it for almost 5-7 mins to just let the mango pulp go inside the skin a little more absorbing all the benefits from them. 

Later I washed my face with normal running water. 

 Mangoes have a lot of good things for your skin. It has vitamin A, C, E, K, B6, thiamine, riboflavin, iron , potassium, calcium , zinc , fibre and many more good things which helps in enhancing your skin health, they can be used to treat blackheads, they are good for acne treatments, they help in reducing blemishes and dark spots and they offer a lot more benefits. 

Almonds have vitamin E which helps in maintaining its youthful firmness. It has Vitamin B which helps in maintaining healthy fatty acids in the skin , it removes dry, flacks skin and helps to create a healthy skin. Almonds have copper which helps fighting premature aging. It is packed with all good things which is good for both inside and outside of your skin and body. 

The mix of mango and almond was too much for a day use, so I kept it in the fridge for few more days. It was fresh and could be used for atleast 1 week, if you keep it in the fridge the life of it becomes longer. 

I just applied it and did my everyday chores and took bath immediately after 30 mins of applying it. It is an extra step for a good and healthy skin. when the mix is already prepared and you just have to apply it on your skin, it makes you feel less burdened. 

After 3 days of applying it, I thought of adding something more to the mix, to give a hint of something new and different. So, I added a spoon of honey to the mix, which surely added extra qualities to it. 

Honey has antifungal and antibacterial properties and it has skin saving antioxidants. It helps in reducing acne , helps in fighting aging , it boosts complexion and also opens up the pores giving the skin an extra touch of goodness.

I mixed everything properly and applied it on the face and neck for another 3 days. The mix was good, it smelled fresh and was smooth on the skin too. 

The honey actually added a little difference to both my mix and my skin. It gave a little shine to my face adding some freshness and newness to my skin. My skin felt smooth and I could see visible difference, my spots were lighter and acne was gone. My skin actually felt different. 

Everything from your kitchen and something you can DIY and use in your daily lives. It is surely an extra step but this extra step once a week and then for a whole week can change your skin. 
Thank you for your interest and I would always welcome suggestions from your end. I hope you like this DIY. I would be coming up with more such DIY’s to create some difference in your lives and your skin too. 

Thank you 



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