Hot heats and cool clothes 

Hello guys, 

I would really appreciate your interest and suggestions. This makes me happy. I am open to any kind of suggestions always. I hope I reach you through my style and my ideas of it. Thanks for always supporting and engaging yourself through it. 
Today was also a boring hot day, its best to carry yourself with something very comfortable yet casual. Like , I’ve said earlier aswell hot days makes me feel lazy , behaviour lazy and always dress lazy. 

My idea of lazy is normally dressing up, not very decked up and always, always be comfortable. I don’t have to think much during summers. I buy all the comfortable clothes and keep repeating it till the end 😅🙈. It’s the best to feel best actually. 

Today was a casual college day ( it’s getting very boring due to summers ). I just saw all my clothes n decided to wear this top , which I’ve also styled in some other way aswell. I wore this top , its from Levi’s and my forever saviour leggings from Zara and this footwear from myntra ( I don’t remember the brand ). 

Lazy days makes me not wear my lens too. So specs for the day I thought would look good. I have worn my watch from fastrack and my bag from street style store. 

Summers are really hard to survive, specially when your college doesn’t allow you to dress up accordingly. It’s best to stay covered anyways coz you’ll get tanned🙈🙈. 

My makeup was like always no makeup , lipstick only for pictures😆. I am very lazy actually, I ignore even getting ready for usual days like this. But my lipsticked went well with its , it’s from maybelline. 

Becoming lazier , becoming casual 

I hope you like what I try to show. Thanks for visiting once again. Hope to see you soon. 
Thank you 


Photo credits chetalini Sarang 


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