Oversized thoughts 

Hello guys, 

I hope you like what I try to create. I would always appreciate your interest and suggestions. Thank you for your support. 

Fashion from the other end.

Summers? College? It’s all about lazy hot days. Dressing up is a task during summers. College on a day to day basis, people like me usually don’t like dressing up for it. I specially see for the coolest, comfiest clothes to wear. 

The loose shirts are my all time favourite clothing item and something I always end up buying. The loose shirts during this time of the year are blissful. 

I always like wearing long oversized light shirts during summers. They are saviour for me. 

College, anyways make me feel lazy, So I try to wear something as lazy. The shirt I am wearing is from Sarojini,delhi ( sarojini is my all time favourite shopping spot) and again I am wearing my black Zara legging with it and my westside footwear, which is also the most comfiest footwear for summers. The bag I am carrying is from Zara. 

The casual lazy day look was complete. The most casual and comfortable look that I completely love. On any casual day like this, I like wearing my oversized shirt with one of my legging from Zara and a footwear like this. 

The day was obviously a no makeup day, where I ended up applying a little lipstick for the pictures. A complete lazy day for me. 

The casualty is not how you carry it but what you prefer to wear rather 

Thank you 


Photo credits chetalini Sarang 


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