Casual affair! 

Hello guys,

I hope you like what I try to create. I would love and appreciate your suggestions and ideas. It’s always good to hear from you. Thank you for following me and appreciating my efforts.

The occasion was graduation day, a day of pride and happiness. It is a special day for all of us. It is meant to be celebrated with lots of smiles and positivity.

Usually on a day like this, we mostly prefer to wear saree, but I went for a suit instead. This one I love the most! A very random pick but something I literally love. I wanted to celebrate this day with the colour yellow. Yellow has so much positivity attached to it and also it has its own charm.

A beauty hardly defined

This piece , I got from shoppers stop. A complete go to suit. Very trendy, comfortable and attractive.

The shirt has a yellow part and under it there is a full long Anarkali style black and white inner attached to it. They are different and only attached towards the sleeves.

The black n white cloth under has really changed the look of the suit. The dupatta and legging are basic pink in colour and they have made the look even more subtle.

I wanted to make this look a little glam. So I went with this afghani earring which I got from an Instagram page. I carried a golden sling bag which is from klove, delhi. The sunglasses are from missamore and the footwear I am wearing are also from klove delhi.

The whole look was complete in its own way. It was subtle and summery.

The look is all about carrying yourself for functions during summers. Specially occasions like graduation, you cannot miss them. It’s something you will remember all your life. So, you should be perfectly ready for days like this.

You obviously would love the best in saree but during summers it’s very hard to even carry a simple top. Wearing suit on my graduation day was a random decision but I am really thankful to myself for taking that decision.

The suit, the earring, the bag, the sunglasses everything looked in place. The makeup done was very minimal , basic eye liner and lipstick not much at all.

Anyways, everyone appreciated the whole idea and loved how it looked. It was difficult but perfect for a day like it.

Saree is always perfect but even suit was not looking any less

Thank you

Photo credits pooja pegada


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