Hot heats and cool clothes 

Hello guys, 

I would really appreciate your interest and suggestions. This makes me happy. I am open to any kind of suggestions always. I hope I reach you through my style and my ideas of it. Thanks for always supporting and engaging yourself through it. 
Today was also a boring hot day, its best to carry yourself with something very comfortable yet casual. Like , I’ve said earlier aswell hot days makes me feel lazy , behaviour lazy and always dress lazy. 

My idea of lazy is normally dressing up, not very decked up and always, always be comfortable. I don’t have to think much during summers. I buy all the comfortable clothes and keep repeating it till the end ūüėÖūüôą. It’s the best to feel best actually. 

Today was a casual college day ( it’s getting very boring due to summers ). I just saw all my clothes n decided to wear this top , which I’ve also styled in some other way aswell. I wore this top , its from Levi’s and my forever saviour leggings from Zara and this footwear from myntra ( I don’t remember the brand ). 

Lazy days makes me not wear my lens too. So specs for the day I thought would look good. I have worn my watch from fastrack and my bag from street style store. 

Summers are really hard to survive, specially when your college doesn’t allow you to dress up accordingly. It’s best to stay covered anyways coz you’ll get tannedūüôąūüôą. 

My makeup was like always no makeup , lipstick only for picturesūüėÜ. I am very lazy actually, I ignore even getting ready for usual days like this. But my lipsticked went well with its , it’s from maybelline. 

Becoming lazier , becoming casual 

I hope you like what I try to show. Thanks for visiting once again. Hope to see you soon. 
Thank you 


Photo credits chetalini Sarang 


Oversized thoughts 

Hello guys, 

I hope you like what I try to create. I would always appreciate your interest and suggestions. Thank you for your support. 

Fashion from the other end.

Summers? College? It’s all about lazy hot days. Dressing up is a task during summers. College on a day to day basis, people like me usually don’t like dressing up for it. I specially see for the coolest, comfiest clothes to wear. 

The loose shirts are my all time favourite clothing item and something I always end up buying. The loose shirts during this time of the year are blissful. 

I always like wearing long oversized light shirts during summers. They are saviour for me. 

College, anyways make me feel lazy, So I try to wear something as lazy. The shirt I am wearing is from Sarojini,delhi ( sarojini is my all time favourite shopping spot) and again I am wearing my black Zara legging with it and my westside footwear, which is also the most comfiest footwear for summers. The bag I am carrying is from Zara. 

The casual lazy day look was complete. The most casual and comfortable look that I completely love. On any casual day like this, I like wearing my oversized shirt with one of my legging from Zara and a footwear like this. 

The day was obviously a no makeup day, where I ended up applying a little lipstick for the pictures. A complete lazy day for me. 

The casualty is not how you carry it but what you prefer to wear rather 

Thank you 


Photo credits chetalini Sarang 

Cool in the colour BLUE

Hey guys,

I am grateful for your supports, I hope you like what I try to create. The fashion I follow, and feel comfortable in. As fashion is only about being in the clothes you are comfortable in.

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions from your end. It’s always good to hear from you. I hope to convey my thoughts towards you as much as possible.

It’s time for another day out post. Obviously it’s hot and we don’t feel like dressing up at all, all we want is to be in our pajamas all day and enjoy every bit of it.

That day was actually a fun day , I was invited to a friend’s birthday party. After struggling to find a perfect top for the day and loosing all patience to see for more options. I found this top, light in both the colour and the material.

Summers are really hard to sustain in , and now when even Bangalore is becoming hotter day by day. It was a lunch date, with a bunch of girlfriends. A casual day out party with them. And I found this perfect top for the perfect occasion. This light blue top is from W and the deep blue leggings are from Zara( a long day and leggings are my perfect match all the time , they are the most comfortable thing ever).

The top is a cold shoulder top with lace on the upper sleeves. It is comfortable, easy for a casual date like this. Zara leggings have come as a blessing for me, they are super duper comfortable and they can always be paired with anything.

I have taken a multicolour sling bag , which is from kins delhi. This sling bag goes with maximum number of outfits. The perks of buying something which is multicolour actually. The sling bag is a pop of colour for any look you carry.

The shoes that I wore was not at all my first option, just because it’s hot and I don’t like covered feet at all. But when I couldn’t find any footwear which would look good with my outfit and I was ignoring to wear my white sneakers, I found this shoes. It is also white in colour but it has flowers on it. It looked good with what I wore actually. I got this shoes from the Tibetan market at my hometown.

The look was complete mix and match of colours and styles. The earring I wore is from a street shop at Sarojini, delhi.

The makeup again was just eye liner and the lipstick. The lip shade is lady danger from 7 heavens.

There was something about the cold shoulder top that o completely loved. It covered all the flaws of my look( if it had any) . The cool colour blue , changed the mood aswell.


Thank you



photo credits chetalini sanghathem

Cool colours are something summers need


Comfy outing stories 

Hello guys, 

I hope you like what I try to create. I would love and appreciate your suggestions. Always welcoming your ideas and suggestions. It would be a pleasure to be connected to you with my style. 
The concepts I post are mostly casual and perfect for daily lives. They don’t define any kind of of fashion , they only define comfortable lifestyle and statement I believe in. 

The looks I post are a large part of me; how I like to dress, how I like to pair things , which is not tough to match and something very easy and comfortable for all times. 

The post today is of the day, which was of a sudden plan made. We planned to go to Brigade Road and Garuda mall after that. For a go to look , I thought about what would look good at both the places , as we always dress according to the place we are going to. So I decided to go for this green shirt and black leggings. 

The green shirt , I am wearing is from a random street shop at Commercial Street Bangalore and my basic leggings which is from Zara, they are damn comfortable and my first preference always. When I know I have to walk a lot , I prefer wearing these leggings. It always makes me feel comfy and best. 

I wore my nude footwear from westside, it is casual , goes with anything I wear and they are elegant and pleasant always. Specially in this hot days, when you ignore wearing closed shoes. It is open , relaxing and free. 

The sling bag I carried are from forever21 , my favourite black sling bag of all time. The scarf tied on it , is from Sarojini that I carry everywhere when I am traveling just to hide myself from the direct dust and heat. 

The makeup is very minimal again, just eyeliner and nude lipstick, which is my favourite again. It is desert rose shade from chambor. It makes the look subtle and simple. Specially during summers , when you like all the nude colours and nude makeup everyday and everywhere. 

Basic be the best 


Thank you 


Photo credits pooja pegada 

Casual affair! 

Hello guys,

I hope you like what I try to create. I would love and appreciate your suggestions and ideas. It’s always good to hear from you. Thank you for following me and appreciating my efforts.

The occasion was graduation day, a day of pride and happiness. It is a special day for all of us. It is meant to be celebrated with lots of smiles and positivity.

Usually on a day like this, we mostly prefer to wear saree, but I went for a suit instead. This one I love the most! A very random pick but something I literally love. I wanted to celebrate this day with the colour yellow. Yellow has so much positivity attached to it and also it has its own charm.

A beauty hardly defined

This piece , I got from shoppers stop. A complete go to suit. Very trendy, comfortable and attractive.

The shirt has a yellow part and under it there is a full long Anarkali style black and white inner attached to it. They are different and only attached towards the sleeves.

The black n white cloth under has really changed the look of the suit. The dupatta and legging are basic pink in colour and they have made the look even more subtle.

I wanted to make this look a little glam. So I went with this afghani earring which I got from an Instagram page. I carried a golden sling bag which is from klove, delhi. The sunglasses are from missamore and the footwear I am wearing are also from klove delhi.

The whole look was complete in its own way. It was subtle and summery.

The look is all about carrying yourself for functions during summers. Specially occasions like graduation, you cannot miss them. It’s something you will remember all your life. So, you should be perfectly ready for days like this.

You obviously would love the best in saree but during summers it’s very hard to even carry a simple top. Wearing suit on my graduation day was a random decision but I am really thankful to myself for taking that decision.

The suit, the earring, the bag, the sunglasses everything looked in place. The makeup done was very minimal , basic eye liner and lipstick not much at all.

Anyways, everyone appreciated the whole idea and loved how it looked. It was difficult but perfect for a day like it.

Saree is always perfect but even suit was not looking any less

Thank you

Photo credits pooja pegada