Casual carrys 

Casual college days can’t get more decked up than this. A casual everyday kind of look. 

Hey guys,

I hope you like what I am trying to create. I would love and appreciate your interest and suggestions. 

The colour black which can deal with any occasion or any casual day and can also help to create a much enhanced glam look with the basic clothes. It made this look unique aswell. 

I am wearing a black kurti from utsa, westside. The footwear is from a street shop at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi and my earrings are from Sarojini. 

The plain black kurti with tassels on the front gave a different look altogether but pairing it with the gold footwear and gold earrings, changed the whole look into a much glam look. 

It looked simple yet classy. For a change , a look much different to any casual day. 

Gold is beautiful 

 I hope you like what I’ve tried to create. 

Thank you 


Pictures by 

Pooja pegada 


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