Bohemian match 

Hello guys, 

I hope you all are doing great. And I would love and appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thanks for your interest. 

So, I was going through my moms wardrobe and found this jacket, which was a gift to her by my father , he got this from Arunachal. 

I thought I could use it for a look. And after digging on my cupboard I found a kurti which I could pair it up with it. 

The kurti and leggings are from westside. The footwear also from westside. The earring from cp, New Delhi. The printed white kurta went well with my bottle green bohemian jacket. 

The jacket is a traditional dolman style jacket, sleeves loose and bell shaped. These jackets are usually loose with broader shoulders. The jacket has little thread work detailing in the front and back of the jacket. 

This jacket gives a little fresh touch to the old boring kurti. 

I hope you like what I’ve tried to create. A sense of fashion from my end. A touch of me to you. 

Thank you 


Pictures by Pooja pegada 


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