Accessories, why not!

As you know, any look is not complete without accessories , it enhances the whole look and makes it look even better

Any look whether it is Indian or western, it is not complete without a good pair of earrings. A single accessory can make so much difference to the whole look. And specially an gold earring with multicolour beats which can go with almost all the colour clothes western or Indian. It can make an impact surely. 

As you can see, what difference it is creating in the whole outfit, I am wearing in the pictures. It really changed the entire outlook. 

In both the outfits , I am wearing the same earrings . The earrings are complimenting both the outfits really well. I got this gold beats earrings from Gk M block market , New Delhi. It’s a piece that can make any outfit look better. Something like this is a must in every girls accessory kit. 

I hope , I’ve reached you with my style and my tastes. I would love and appreciate your interest and suggestions. 

Until next time 

Thank you 

Photograph credits Pooja pegada 


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