The shoe stories 

Hey guys, 

Hope you like what I tried to recreate. I would love your interest and suggestions.

As you know , this is my second post, so I wanted to recreate something which is fresh and is being carried by a lot of people now. 

You guessed it right, it’s the white sneakers! The craze for white sneakers are over the top now. It’s accepted and experimented with a lot of cloth style today. 

You don’t need a ‘ six inch high heels’ to compliment  your clothes. Western, ethnic, fusion ; white sneakers goes with everything. 

White sneakers with anything is a great match! Just like I have worn the white sneakers from @zara with a long red dress , which is from @westside. They go together very well. The red dress has a little ethnic touch to it , the white sneakers looks best with it aswell

‘ A perfect match to an imperfect combination’. White sneakers , oh yes .
Hope to see you soon! 

Picture credits @ pooja pegada 


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